• Everman ISD Announces Board Approved 2022-2023 Compensation Highlights:



    Starting Teacher Salary - $ 60,608


    2% Raise (to all staff except clerical/paraprofessional)


    $1,500 Raise for clerical/paraprofessional


    Retention Pay For Year(s) of Continuous Employment In Everman ISD*



    1-5 years

    6-10 years

    11+ years

    Full Time

    $ 1,500

    $ 2,500

    $ 3,500


    $    750

    $ 1,250

    $ 1,750


    *Retention pay will be paid in two installments (one payment in November and one payment in May)

    *Must have worked at least 90 days in the 2021-2022 school year to be eligible for the retention pay.


    Retention Pay for NEW EMPLOYEES = $500 (see graphic for more information)


    Incentive Pay     Incentive Pay New Employees


    Teacher Pay Scale for 2022 will be posted soon.


    Counselor Pay Scale for 2022 will be posted soon.

Teacher Pay Scale

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