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    It is so exciting to see parents on campus at Hommel.  I know that one of the most intimidating times for a parent can be parent-teacher conferences.  Here are some tips that can help prepare parents for their upcoming conference:


    • Be prepared. Arrive with any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s academic progress.  It is OK to write down any questions you may have.  The teacher will appreciate that you understand that conference time is limited and you are there to gather information. 
    • Be open-minded. The teacher will discuss your child’s strengths and areas of improvement.  He is also there to answer any questions you may have about building on your child’s strengths and building up areas of weakness.
    • Have a “Go Team” Attitude. You and your child’s teacher want your child to be successful.  Ask what will help at school.  Ask what you can do at home.
    • Stay in contact. Ask the teacher about a follow-up meeting, email, or phone call.  Assure the teacher that you want to stay informed and involved.

    Websites for parents:

    Parent-Teacher Conference Resources From Reading Rockets: This Reading Rockets article highlights literacy questions parents should ask, from suggestions for getting students reading at home to understanding your student's reading level. There are also some great links to other Reading Rockets resources, including PTC tips for parents of English-language learners on sister site ¡Colorín Colorado!


    20 Questions to Ask During a Conference:  Debbie Shiabu, executive director of the Association of Private Schools; Anne Davis, education contributor for the parenting blog We Know Stuff; and Justin Baeder, director of The Principal Center, provide expert advice on effective questions to ask at your next parent-teacher conference.


    Positive Parent-Teacher Conferences:  An excellent resource for parents.  Site includes a text to speech option and a Spanish version of the article.


    PBS Kids - Parent Resources  This is a great resource for parents!  There are lots of tips for parents, along with interactive games for kids.  Plus, it features Big Bird.  Nothing wrong with that!


    Scholastic Parent Resources  Scholastic is the industry leader in providing books to schools.  They have tons of great resources for parents to help get your child reading!  If you are at a loss when it comes to helping your child find a book, Scholastic can help.


    Finding Books by Subject and Interest  OK, Ms. Seymour, WHY are you giving us a website to the Ann Arbor Public Schools Library?!?  It is in MICHIGAN!!  True, it is in Michigan, but it has an easy to use search for finding books by subject and interest.  Just one more way to get your kids reading.


    A little something for parents:

    Modeling reading is the best way to get a reluctant reader to read.  Unplug for 20 minutes every night and pick up a book.  I promise, this will be the easiest 20 minutes of your day.  If reading is challenging for you, think of the example you are setting for your child!  You are teaching her to keep trying.  You are teaching him that you value learning.  You are making education a priority in your home!  Way to go, Mom and Dad!!!